Pet Insurance For Boxers: What You Should Know

Boxers can be quite playful. And with all that spinning dances, who knows when they might get injured, and the vet charges that might attract. Fortunately, you can limit the maintenance cost when you get pet insurance for your boxers.

But what should you know? Is pet insurance even worth the hype? More importantly, what insurance is best for you and your boxer dog?

This piece has the answers you seek!

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Is Pet Insurance For Boxers Worth The Hype?

Boxers are pure breed. For that reason, they face several health complications – mostly genetic related.

The worst case, boxer dogs are prone to several illnesses across their lifespan. That means it doesn’t matter if you have a puppy or an adult boxer.

The issue now is that health complications can be so complex that your boxer dog might need surgery. In that case, you might need to pay up to £4500 for vet charges at a go!

Is that what you’d like to dispense at once?


Perhaps surgery is going too far. According to ABI (Association of British Insurers), the average vet charge stands at £750.

That remains expensive! Even when you can afford such fees,  the figures are still outrageous.

This point is where pet insurance can help!


What Is Pet Insurance?

Pet insurance offers your pet the same health security as the one for humans. With one, you can spread cost rather than facing the huge bills head-on.

Beautifully, pet insurance can pay up 90% of boxers’ medical bills. Then you’d handle the rest.

What’s more, some insurance providers offer various discounts and even bonuses when you buy their prize packages.


Benefits Of Getting Insurance For Your Pet

Convenient Payments

Unlike when you pay your boxers’ medical bills directly, pet insurance allows you to spread payments. Depending on your plan, you might not even pay up to £70 per month for the subscription.

Against instant vet payments, pet insurance is undoubtedly more convenient. You’ll spread your bills, and have a sidekick in the event of emergencies.


You Have Flexible Options

For starters, you have a plethora of options to choose from when insuring your boxers. Depending on your budget, there is something for you and your dog.

Also, regardless of your plan, pet insurance lets you choose from several vets. Perhaps a vet’s bills are pricey for your budget. You can shuffle the list until you find an affordable alternative that equally offers quality service.

And you can rest assured that pet insurance providers only work with experts and registered vets.

Your Savings Are Safe

Yes, now you pay conveniently and have options. Above all that, pet insurance lets you have a medical plan for your boxers.

That means you can enjoy the fun your boxer offers without tanking your savings. It’s like eating your cake and having it.

If you’d add anything to the bills, know that insurance providers will cover at least three-fourth of the expenses.

So, you see, your savings are safe!

Now, back to the question of pet insurance’s worth. Yes, the service is a lifesaver and a no-brainer, especially for a boxer parent like you.

So, how do you get the best insurance for your boxer dog?


3 Practical Ways To Choose The Perfect Pet Insurance For Your Boxers

Know The Plan You Want

Knowing your insurance plan is the first step to satisfaction. What risks do you want the provider to cover for you? What time frame do you prefer?

Here are the usual options:

  • Accident plan – covers only emergencies for your boxers. Perhaps you already have a lid on the usual health concerns. This plan would suffice.
  • The annual plan – also called time-limited, relieves you of medical bill burden on emergencies and illnesses for a year. 
  • Fixed benefit – here, there is a cap spend limit but not a timeline. It covers both emergencies and illness. But the plan ceases once you reach your spend limit. 
  • Lifetime plan – has no limit on time or spending capacity. It covers all the health needs of your boxer dog for as long it lives. 


Research The Insurance Provider

After picking a plan, the next thing is choosing a provider that meets your requirements. How do you critically select?

For starters, you can ask friends that own boxer dogs what insurance they use. Also, you can follow suggestions from reputable sites like ours.

Lastly, check the reviews of the recommendations. See if you love what clients are saying about them.


Compare And Decide “The One”

We know you want to jump right into insurance. But don’t! Instead, compare at least three favourites.

What are the companies’ quotes? Which one of the providers is close to your location? What extra offers do they have?

Questions like that will guide you to pick the best pet insurance for your boxer. Should you need more guidance, we can also help you.

Contact us, and let’s guide you in the right direction!


Where to get Pet Insurance For Boxers

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